AA911 Petition Signatories

Actors and Artists for 911 Truth is comprised of nearly 400 creative professionals working in a variety of mediums, all over the world. Each signatory has endorsed a petition in support of a truly open and independent investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. Read more about AA911 signatories and view a complete list at the link below.

Some of our signatories have written books, worked on films and created music directly related to 9/11. Many of our signatories have artist profiles on the AA911 site, which include bio information, details on their artistic pursuits and their views on 9/11. You may click on any of the images or links below to view the respective artist profile pages.

 View A Complete Alphabetical List of AA911 Petition Signatories


View AA911 Member Profiles from A-F

View AA911 Member Profiles from G-J

View AA911 Member Profiles from K-P

View AA911 Member Profiles from Q-Z

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