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Kampion is a former editor of Surfer (1968-72), Surfing (1973-82), Wind Surf (1982-89), and Wind Tracks (1996-99) magazines. He was Editorial Director for the Patagonia clothing company (1990-91) and Associate Editor for New Age Journal (1992). He was also editor of THE STORMRIDER GUIDE: NORTH AMERICA (2002).

Kampion founded, published, and edited the Island Independent (1993-96), an award-winning “bioregional magazine in newsprint,” serving the “maritime rainshadow” islands of Washington State. For his work with the INDEPENDENT, he received first prize for editing a periodical with a circulation under 50,000.

Until recently, Drew was the American Editor of The Surfer’s Path, the world’s first “green” surf magazine. His episodic parody, The Teachings of Don Redondo, A Surfer’s Way of Knowledge (as illustrated by artist Tom Threinen), was a regular feature of the magazine.

Drew is the author of The Book Of Waves (1989), The Art Of Christian Reese Lassen (1991), Stoked: A History Of Surf Culture (1997, revised 2003), The Way Of The Surfer (2003), The Lost Coast (2004),Waves: From Surfing To Tsunami (2005), Dora Lives: The Authorized Story Of Miki Dora (2005), and Greg Noll: The Art Of The Surfboard (2007).

He is currently assisting Fernando Aguerre with his autobiography, Surf, Sex, And Sandals: The Latin Art of Mixing Business With Pleasure, and is at work on completing the story of Jack O’Neill, the inventor of the modern surfing wetsuit, Jack O’Neill: It’s Always Summer On The Inside.

Drew Kampion is the first journalist ever elected into the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach, California.Married with two children, he lives on an island in Washington State.

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Mathieu Kassovitz:  French director, screenwriter, producer and actor.

Mathieu Kassovitz first became widely known through his well-received1993 film, Café Au Lait, which he wrote and directed. He then achieved even greater critical and commercial success with La Haine (Hate), dealing with race relations. which he also wrote and directed. Besides winning the 1995 César Award for Best Film, it also earned Kassovitz the award as Best Director at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival.

Since then, he has directed several other feature films, including Assassin(s)  (1997), Les rivières pourpres / The Crimson Rivers (2000), Gothika (2003), Babylon A.D. (2008), and Rebellion (2009), as well as several short films.

Internationally, Kassovitz is best known for his portrayal of Nino Quincampoix in the award-winning Amélie (2001), directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.  Besides having small roles in The Fifth Element (1997) and Birthday Girl (2001), Kassovitz had a major role in the Costa-Gavras film Amen (2003) and the memorable role of the Belgian explosives expert in Steven Spielberg‘s Munich.

Kassovitz is also co-founder, with Benoît Jaubert, of MNP Entreprise, a film production company.

During a televised debate about 9/11 in September 2009, Kassovitz called it “normal to question the official version of the 9/11 attacks” because “there are many things to question on that day and we absolutely can not ignore them.”(http://world911truth,org/tag/mattieu-kassovitz/).

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Linda Kendall: Actor, writer.

Linda Kendall graduated magna cum laude from the University of Michigan, in 1971. She was valedictorian and earned a BA in English and Social Sciences. She received an MA in Educational Administration from California State University, Los Angeles, in 1992. Kendall studied acting with Bob Collier, Uta Hagen, John Strasberg, Lee Strasberg, and Lilyan Chauvin.  She is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory, and Meisner/Carville School of Acting.

Kendall’s film and television credits include, General Hospital (1984), Proof (1980), Fantasy Island (1979), Crisis in Mid-air (1979), and Eyes of Laura Mars (1978).  She has appeared in commercials for Dial Soap, Arrowhead Water and Toyota, among others. She served as spokesperson for Mr. Coffee and IBM.

Kendall played the female lead in the music video Misunderstanding with Phil Collins and Genesis.  A founding member of the Spolin Players, Kendall’s theatre credits include, Spoon River Anthology and Conspiracy of Feelings. She has taught theatre games for the Pasadena Council of the Arts, LAUSD and others.

Kendall authored the first study of sexual harassment in an urban adult school.  She, developed and presented the first seminars on sexual harassment for LAUSD Adult Schools. She taught seminars for immigrants who didn’t know it is against U.S. federal law to be raped or sexually assaulted.  Kendall organized the first network of organizations and individuals to help victims of domestic abuse in Los Angeles County.

As a 9/11 Truth activist, Kendall began exploring alternative views in 2002. She currently lives in Bainbridge Island, Washington where she has been an active member of We Are Change-Seattle, since 2010.

Statement to AA911: I read 9/11 The Big Lie by Thierry Meyssan as soon as it came out in 2002. It made a lot of sense. Bush used the event to take us to war and kill and maim our own soldiers and over a million Iraqis. In 2003, a friend whose father worked in D.C. told me the government had taken down all of the cameras focused on the Pentagon on 9/11. Honest actions don’t have to be kept from the public. I knew a cover-up was afoot and spent the rest of my time reading everything I could get my hands on. We need to officially get to the bottom of 9/11 to proceed with the prosecution of the criminals who have torn our world asunder with sociopathic violence.

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A. L. Kennedy:  Novelist, short-story writer, comedian, professor.

A. L. (Alison Louise) Kennedy has won numerous awards for her novels. Her 1995 novel, So I Am Glad, won the Encore Award, the Saltire Society Scottish Book of the Year Award, and the Scottish Arts Council Book Award. In 2003, Kennedy was nominated as one of the 20 Best Young British Novelists.  In 2007, her novel Daywon the Costa Book of the Year Award, a Saltire Award, and the Austrian State Prize for European Literature. That year also brought her a Lannan Literary Award.

In addition to her novels, she has published several collections of short stories, including What Becomes (2009). She has also written the script for two films: Stella Does Tricks (1997) and Dice (2001).

A regular performer at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh, Kennedy also performs stand-up comedy at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival.

Kennedy is, in addition, an Associate Professor in Creative Writing with the University of Warwick and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

Having expressed her doubts about the official story about 9/11in a 2005 article in the Guardian, in which she worried that she was “turning into a conspiracy theorist,” she in 2006 wrote an endorsement for David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott’s edited volume, 9/11 and American Empire – Intellectuals Speak Out, in which she said: “If you wondered where morality, intellectual rigor, common sense and historical perspective went when they disappeared from public discourse, be reassured—the authors of these essays were keeping them safe for you, along with a surprisingly functional sense of humor. This is a massively important book about events which are still changing our world—forget the internet wing-nuts, forget the blurry thinking and the blurry photographs, forget the government gibberish—if you want to know about 9/11 read this book. Read it. Read it now. And then tell someone else what it told you.”

Statement to AA911: “I would like to see a transparent investigation of events leading up to and including those of 11th September, 2001, showing proper respect to those who lost their lives that day and who have lost their lives or been injured since in the numerous operations predicated on the current interpretation of 9/11.”

Website: http://www.a-l-kennedy.co.uk/

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Regan Scott Knight:  Musician, drummer, vocalist.

Regan Scott Knight is a drummer and vocalist in 20 Shades. The Tampa, Florida based metal/rock band was selected Artist of the Day by the Tampa Times.  They released the popular single tracks, Animal and Faith, in 2010.  20 Shades recently signed a contract with TMG. Their debut album, Birth is due out in 2011.

Statement to AA911: On that day when I watch those towers fall, and then later to find out the Solomon brothers building also collapsed, I knew something wasn’t right! I’ve always been a science and history buff, and had seen controlled demolition before in documentaries! I also worked in a foundry as a young man, and knew that the fires in those buildings, could not have gotten hot enough to melt steel! Over the past 4 years, I have researched the events of 9/11 diligently, and the more I learn the more I am convinced, that terrorists crashing jetliners in to these buildings, and the ensuing fires, could not have brought those buildings down! I want the truth! I want justice for the families of the victims, and the thousands who are still suffering from the toxic air the EPA said was fit to breathe in lower Manhattan in the days, weeks, and months following the tragedy!

Website: http://www.20shades.com/

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Jarek Kupsc:  Filmmaker, actor, editor, writer, producer.

Jarek Kupsc’s film credits include Recoil (2001), which he wrote, directed, and starred in, and Slumberland (2006), which he directed and starred in. Then in 2008, he released The Reflecting Pool, a 9/11-based drama, which he wrote directed, and co-starred in (with Joseph Culp).

Discussing this film in an interview Kupsc said:  “The movie came as a direct result of my personal interest in 9/11, which began on 9/11 at 9:03 a.m., the moment the second tower got hit. As a born skeptic fed totalitarian propaganda in my native Poland, I never bought the official story of nineteen hijackers. After three years of research, I amassed enough information to believe that this tragic event was orchestrated within the U.S. government circles. . . . From my personal research, I had all the facts. And by ‘facts,’ I mean sources that came directly from mainstream media – New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, even Fox News, believe it or not. All these outlets reported some pretty damning information. Granted, it was never front-page news. Those articles were buried deep. Luckily, as a grad student, my wife (The Reflecting Pool producer) Jodie Baltazar had access to an online library that rivals the Library of Congress, so I could cross-reference any officially published 9/11 topic. I also looked at some of the best 9/11 Truth websites to find links to mainstream articles. They are very thorough in indexing their sources to avoid any suspicion of fabricating or distorting the facts” (Read the full interview).

Statement to AA911:  “I don’t believe we can effect any long-term positive change in the world without honestly dealing with the September 11 tragedy. To date, the misappropriation of 9/11 by the Establishment caused well over a million civilian deaths (Iraq, Afghanistan), close to 5000 dead US soldiers, and over 50 thousand wounded and disabled. It has caused the ongoing eradication of our Constitutional Rights (The Patriot Act), illegal wiretapping, and email surveillance. 9/11 has been used as an excuse to detain people without charges and torture them.

“The Establishment continues to invoke 9/11 to secure unprecedented amounts of public money for military expansion and private war contracting, while Americans suffer from a terrible recession, lack of universal health care, and deplorable public education. Every American owes it to him/herself to study the undisputed facts of September 11, 2001.

“The reality is, ALL facts presented to the public by the government are questionable or downright false. Even the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission has voiced his outrage over the official investigation: ‘We to this day don’t know why NORAD [the North American Aerospace Command] told us what they told us,’ said Thomas H. Kean, the former New Jersey Republican governor who led the commission. ‘It was just so far from the truth. . . . It’s one of those loose ends that never got tied’.

“In fact, there are so many loose ends with every single aspect of 9/11, a new, fully independent investigation with the power to subpoena must be established if the United States is going to survive as a democracy.”

Website:  www.reflectingpoolfilm.com

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Katy Kurtzman:  Actress.

A Screen Actors Guild member since 1972, Katy Kurtzman started her career at 5 years old and became a well-known child actress in the 1970s and early ‘80s. She has been in films produced by Aaron Spelling, Paramount, Disney, Warner Brothers, Time Life Films, Lorimar, Dan Curtis, Pierre Cossette, and Martin Tahse.  She has worked with directors Michael Landon, Richard Crenna, Jackie Cooper, Mel Damski, Dan Curtis, John Erman, Ted Post, Boris Sagal, Alexander Singer & Ralph Senensky.

In films, she is best known for her role as Heidi in The New Adventures of Heidi (1978) and as the lead in When Every Day Was the Fourth of July.(1978). More recently, she had a major role in God, Sex & Apple Pie (1998). She has also appeared in some short films, including Hide (2009), and herself made a short film, The Pool Boy (2001).

On television, she is best known for her roles as stuttering Anna in Little House on the Prairie, (1977) and Lindsay Blaisdel on the first season of Dynasty (1981). She has also appeared in episodes of other series, including Hawaii Five-OTrapper John, M.D, and Love Boat. In 2001, she became one of the producers of the TV series  Dinner for Five.

Statement to AA911:  “I wokeup in February of 2006 and have been awake ever since. Thank you Building 7 and Steven Jones!

“When asked what the significance of Building 7 is, Katy Kurtzman elaborated, ‘One of the main reasons why the 9/11 Truth Movement wants a new independent investigation is the unexplained collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.  WTC7 fell uniformly straight down into its basement in 6.5 seconds. If you had dropped a rock from WTC7’s roof it would have hit the ground in 6.25 seconds at free fall speed.’

“She continued, ‘No building of any material has ever collapsed at free fall speed except in the case of controlled demolitions. Just watch footage of Building 7 and you will find that it looks just like a controlled demolition. Controlled demolitions take weeks or months of preparation. Go to Google or YouTube and do a search for Building 7. We are not being told the truth about 9/11’”. (Hear More…)

Filmography:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0476070/

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Jon Lange:  Actor.

Jon Lange is a Danish actor whose films include Young Andersen (2005), which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Foreign Miniseries; Midsommer  (remade in USA as Solstice); I’ll Come Running, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in July 2008; and the Neo-nazi love story Broderskab (2009).

Statement to AA911: “Too much information that could have explained big portions of the public’s doubt about 9/11, consoled our grief, and reduced our fear has been kept from us. We deserve to know whether or not the Bush administration justified breaches of the American Constitution as well as the everyday human decency by which we all try to live our lives. In order to live our lives, we need to trust our governments to do the right thing, which includes reviewing their predecessors’ actions and making sure that mistakes do not happen again. I accept the fact that in order to keep people safe, some information shouldn’t be released, but the degree to which the secrecy about 9/11 has been maintained is absurd. Knowledge now.”

Filmography:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1273753/

Website:  http://www.jonlange.com/index.html

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Roby LaPorte:  Singer, songwriter, musician, sound and recording engineer.

A native of Southern California, Roby LaPorte began writing songs and performing live in high school. As his music evolved, he studied Recording and Sound Engineering at the University of Sound Arts in Hollywood. He graduated at the top of his class and worked as a recording engineer, live sound engineer and session player.

He spent the 1990s doing the ‘Front of House’ sound engineering at the ‘Coach House Concert Hall’ in San Juan Capistrano, California. He worked with many of his idols such as: Justin Hayward, Eric Burdon, BB King, David Lindley, Jackson Brown, David Crosby, Michael McDonald, Julian Lennon, Jakob Dylan, Willie Nelson and many others. (View a full list here.)

In the late 1980s, Roby began experimenting with computers and working with software, which enhanced his ability to present his original music to a wider audience over the internet.  His many recordings include the flash movie: Hearts of Humanity, featuring Roby’s original song, A Tear Rolls Down, which is dedicated to the 9/11 tragedy. Today LaPorte writes and performs with his band, Gratitude.

Statement to AA911:  “It is time for the American government to come clean and stop withholding the truth from the American people and own up to their deceit and lies.”

Website:  http://www.robylaporte.com/

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 lawson-anthony Anthony Lawson – Commercial director, editor, and cameraman.

In the1950s, Anthony “Tony” Lawson wrote and produced dramas, documentaries and music for radio in Sydney, Australia. In 1958, he became a sound engineer at London’s Abbey Road Studios.  In 1967, he turned to directing full time.

In 1971, his company won the Palme D’or in the Cannes Advertising Film Festival. His Sunday Times ad, “The British Way of Love,” also won Gold & Silver awards at the D&ADAwards (London) in 1972. (D&AD stands for Design and Art Direction, which is a British educational charity that promotes excellence in design and advertising.) Lawson’s ads won Clio Hall of Fame awards in 1981 & 1982 and The F.A.C.T.S. (Australia) Commercial of the Year in 1981.

In 1981, Lawson directed a television special for the pop group Japan, which resulted in a DVD entitled Oil on Canvas.  In 1992, he wrote, edited, narrated and composed music forThe Heart of Thai, a documentary. Currently retired from commercial filmmaking, Anthony Lawson has continued to create films, one of which is the very popular WTC7 -This is an Orange.

Statement to AA911: “It is quite clear that the official explanations about the events of September 11th, 2001, cannot be true. Amateur pilots could not have flown the planes in the manner that they were flown across New York and into the World Trade Center Towers, and there is no solid evidence that the planes were the ones that were allegedly hijacked.

“No identification of any of their debris has been made, using serial numbers, which the FAA refuses to make public, and the NTSB did not even investigate the four disastrous crashes which happened on the worst day in American aviation history. Vital evidence, such as the engines from the crash sites were either dumped, or have mysteriously disappeared.

“The serial number of the “Black Box” cockpit voice recorder, from United Flight 93, from which an alleged transcript was made and used as the basis for several dramatic reconstructions of the plane’s last moments, has never been released; the FAA has refused to do so, even under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

“An estimated 50 to 80 surveillance cameras surrounded the Pentagon, on that morning, but not one single frame from any of these cameras, showing a Boeing 757 crashing into the building, has ever been released. All of these surveillance tapes were confiscated by a government agency, shortly after the alleged incident, and, apart from a few indistinct frames which are virtually meaningless, as far as identifying a flying object goes, have remained hidden, ever since.

“WTC7 fell in what looked exactly like a controlled demolition, at 5:20 PM, that evening, not having been hit by an aircraft, and having suffered only minor fire damage. Experts have estimated that it was in total free-fall, for at least three seconds, during this collapse, something which could not possibly have happened under the conditions of anything but a controlled demolition, where all of its support columns totally gave way at almost exactly the same time.

“The earlier collapse of the Twin Towers were as much of a mystery, with hundreds of architects and engineers now disputing the official explanations as to why these buildings, which had been designed to withstand multiple aircraft impacts, collapsed in the manner they did.

“Finally: What happened to the air defenses of the most militaristic nation on Earth? When golfer Payne Stewart’s private plane lost contact with air traffic controllers, in October, 1999, two military planes were dispatched to find out the reason; at least one of them was beside the stricken plane within 20 minutes. So what did NORAD do on a day when four huge passenger planes were allegedly hijacked, in, arguably, the most densely populated airspace on the planet?

“Nothing! And no one lost their job, because of the almighty failure to prevent what happened. In fact, the National Security Adviser on that disastrous day, Condoleezza Rice, was later promoted to become Secretary of State; one of the most powerful positions in the U.S. president’s cabinet. Oh that my own minor failures could have been so well rewarded.”

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Christina Linhardt:  Singer, dancer, actress, composer, producer.

Christina Linhardt studied acting and movement at Oxford University in England, French at the Eurocentre in Paris, and German at the Goethe Institute in Berlin. She received a bachelors of music from USC, with a minor in theatre arts.

Linhardt began her career as principal flute for the Meremblum California Jr. Symphony, and as first flute in the Jr. Philharmonic of California. She has shared the stage with Wierd Al Jankovich, Richard Simmons, Al Jarreau, Buddy Ebson, Cirque du Soleil acrobats, Ringling Brothers clowns and Eric Braeden.

Linhardt has performed at the LA County Museum of Art, the Wilshire Ebell, the Los Angeles Cathedral, the Magic Castle, Hollywood’s acclaimed Key Club, the Electric Lodge in Venice, the Grand Concert Hall Parksalle in Saxony Germany, and the Top Secret Military Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Linhardt appeared with Oscar-Winner Maximilian Schell in Faust Comes to Grand Avenue with the Los Angeles Opera. Film credits include: Dead End Falls (2009), The Dream of Alvareen (2009), Deadly Sins: Inside the Ecomm Cult (2009), and Camp Hell (2010).

In 1999, Linhardt won the LA Weekly Production of the Year award as Associate Producer for the Odyssey Theatre‘s The Greeks. Her producing credits include Mark Medoff’s Gila, Good Woman of Szechuan and Brecht on Brecht.

From 1999-2000 she was managing director of the Open Gate Theatre Ensemble, where she performed the title role in Pinocchio. She is a member of the Fooles Guilde, and has performed with Billionaire’s for Bush.

Christina gave voice lessons to Grammy Award Winner Dawn Robinson of En Vogue. She is a trained theater therapist for the Imagination Workshop. She has worked with psychiatric patients and the criminally insane, with At-Risk youth in Juvenile lockup facilities and for East Los Angeles Classic Theatre.

Statement to AA911:  There are too many unanswered questions concerning this horrific event. An independent investigation is necessary.

Website:  http://www.circussanctuary.com/pages/biography_christina.html

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Penny Little:  Filmmaker, musician, songwriter. writer

Former singer-songwriter for the UK band White Feather, Penny Little is the vocalist for The Away Team, which toured the United States to inform and inspire voters as part of the Unconventional Tour in 2008.  The Away Team’s most recent album Topsy Turvy World is a collection of personal and political songs.

As a filmmaker, Penny has documented the problems with electronic voting machines and the election process in her 2006 film, Electile Dysfunction. Another film, 911 Dust and Deceit, examines the environmental disaster from the toxic dust of 9/11. A preview cut of this film was featured in the 2005 Re-Open 9/11 Truth Tour of  Europe. The full length feature premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Penny worked with Academy Award winning film director Barbara Trent on a short documentary Waging Peace about the February 15, 2003 worldwide protests against the Iraq War.

In the past Penny has also worked with Gang Prevention through the Arts in California, toured Japan as a solo performer, was musical director for The Theater of the Unemployed in Illinois, and coordinating director of People to People TV.  She is also the creator of a cartoon character Little Savage™, who runs for President every 4 years.

Statement to AA911:  “My film 911 Dust and Deceit exposes the problems caused by the misrepresentations of various individuals within agencies in New York and Washington, who covered up the fact that the dust from Ground Zero was extremely toxic.

“There was little consideration for the collateral damage caused by the ongoing chemical attack on the people of New York in the form of this toxic dust. The people were lied to and now thousands are sick, and hundreds have died as a direct result.

“This is a crime, still in progress. This evidence reveals government coverup, lies, and obvious problems with the fairy tale of 9/11 sold to the public through the mainstream corporate media. But it doesn’t stop there.

“The dust, which was pulverized into very fine particles, has been found to have nanothermite in it.  Nanothermite is a state-of-the-art high explosive composite with incendiary properties. Its presence implies that the WTC buildings were brought down on 9/11 by some means other than what the official story claims.

“There are too many questions about 911. The citizens of the US and the citizens of the world deserve a proper investigation with true subpoena power. The lies of 9/11 are the master key to an agenda to wage illegal wars, rescind Constitutional rights, and fast-track to global corporate hegemony.”

Bio:  http://www.911dust.org/director.htm

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Liz London:  Visual Artist (Mixed Media).

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Liz London’s creative journey began with art classes as a child and continued as she helped her parents in their interior design business.  Framing, buying art and painting during her formative years, London has always been involved in some aspect of the creative process, which also involved prayer, meditation and reflection.

London earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from the University of Central Oklahoma.  She studied painting with Dorothy Moses, B.J. White and Carolyn Barnes and sculpture with Mark Briscoe.  After years working in the technology industry, London opted to fully pursue her passion for art.

Her mixed-media creations combine drawing, painting, and collage techniques.  She developed a process called “Plastilaque” which allows for more depth and sophistication in her assemblages.  In 2006, she began conducting workshops “Connecting Through Collage.” London elaborated on her work in an interview with The New York Optimist.

“Most of the stories in my art are like dreams. Dreams have symbolism and in some there are universal archetypes. I have masculine and feminine representations, dualities, yin and yang and much more about the synthesis of spirituality instead of the division of religion. I also want people to really look at things, not accept things just at face value and say oh yes that is a picture of a tree and go on.  My desire is to get people to wonder about what is, to ask questions about things and wonder … really question what is going on.”

London’s multi-media collage and found object constructions have been featured in juried exhibitions and in galleries throughout Oklahoma, Arizona and Florida.  She currently lives and works in Dallas,Texas.

Statement to AA911:  I concur with many of the questions on this website. My art is a statement about social issues.

Website:  www.lizlondon.net

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Freddie Long:  Performance artist, choreographer.

Freddie Long has performed, taught and toured throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.  She has collaborated and/or performed with: John LeFan; Jenna Byrne; The Blake Street Hawkeyes; Whoopi Goldberg; Contraband; Sara Shelton Mann; James Tyler; Rinde Eckert; The San Francisco Ballet; Lauren Elder; Alex DeGrassi, Larry Kassins and Tim White.

Formerly the artistic director of Mountain Dance Theater in Canada, she was choreographer/movement director with John LeFan for the Warehouse Repertory Theatre’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

In addition, she was prominently featured in Dorothy Fadiman’s film, When Abortion was Illegal: Untold Stories, which was nominated for an Academy Award in 1993.

Honors: Winner of Bay Area Theatre Critics’ Circle and Dramalogue awards. Recipient of project grants from the San Francisco Foundation, the Zellerbach Family Fund, the British Columbia Cultural Fund, and the Vancouver Foundation.

Statement to AA911:  “From the moment that I learned of the ‘attacks’ upon the Trade Towers, I wondered to myself, ‘who benefits from this disaster?’  Guess that tells you something about my confidence in our corporately owned government and media.

“In any case, from that point forward I tracked everything I could about the events of 9/11 and have done whatever I could to inform others of what I have learned.  I firmly believe that it was an ‘inside job.’ Everything points to that, in my opinion. The 911 Commission failed to delve even cursorily into the information that was readily available to them … another inside job?  I hope that in my lifetime the truth about 9/11 will somehow surface – I am 63, so who knows?”

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 Rod MacDonald:  Songwriter, folksinger, guitarist, pianist, harmonicist.

After taking degrees in history and law, MacDonald in 1973 decided on a career in music and became a  major figure in the Greenwich Village folk renaissance of the 1980s. Called “one of the great ones” by Rod Kennedy, who founded the Kerrville Folk Festival, MacDonald has become well known for many of his songs, such as Sailor’s Prayer, which, according to All Music Guide, assures his place in the folk Hall of Fame.

Influenced by songwriters Phil Ochs, Richard Farina, and Bob Dylan, along with his own background in history and law, McDonald’s songs often reflect social realities, as illustrated by his signature song, American Jerusalem, which has been described as “a brilliant contrast of rich and poor, of the powerful and the powerless in Manhattan.” All Music Guide calls him one of the most politically and socially aware lyricists of our time.”

In 2003, reflecting his appreciation of the ideas addressed by Bob Dylan, he formed Big Brass Bed, a band dedicated primarily to the performance of Dylan’s songs. One critic wrote: “The sound was pure Dylan. But . . . when the lead singer approached the mike, you could make out the lyrics.”

One of MacDonald’s many CDs, My Neighbors In Delray, was a finalist in the folk category of the 2003 USA Songwriting Competition. More recent CDs, which continue to reflect his concern with social issues, include  A Tale of Two Americas (2005) and After the War (2009).

Website:  http://www.rodmacdonald.net/

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Janette MacKinlay:  Sculptor, 9/11 survivor, activist.

Janette MacKinlay earned a Certificate in Gallery Management from the California College of Arts & Crafts in 1981. She was a Gallery Assistant at Gregory Ghent Fine Arts in San Francisco. She owned “The Art Club” Gallery in Oakland (California) from 1988 to1993, and served as a  member of the Oakland Cultural Affairs Commission from 1988 to1992.

Having studied Sogetsu Ikebana (Japanese floral arranging) under the guidance of Oho Sakai Sensie, she used her skills in Sogetsu Ikebana, along with her background in contemporary art, to create sculptures she called Organic Assemblage.

MacKinlay lived in New York City directly across from the World Trade Center on 9/11. Being an eyewitness, she created and exhibited sculptures in San Francisco and New York that related to her 9/11 experiences.  Her works are in the Permanent Archives of the Museum of the City of New York, and in the Permanent Archives of the September 11th Memorial Museum at Ground Zero. She also created a 9/11 memorial website (www.theneedtoremember.com) and wrote a book entitled Fortunate, A Personal Diary of 9/11, in which she said:

“The morning of September 11, 2001, found us in our 4th floor loft at 110 Liberty St. watching history unfold before our eyes. Not wanting to become part of the hysteria and panic, we remained inside our loft; never imagining the towers would collapse. Jim was capturing the event with his digital camera as I prepared to evacuate by organizing important papers and possessions. …

“Jim watched the South Tower begin its descent, and ran across the loft, yelling at me, ‘Get out of here, the building is coming down.’ We were on our way into our hallway, when the force of the debris cloud, traveling at 50 mph, burst our window and flooded our place with dust and debris.

“We immediately headed for the rear exit, only to be stopped in our tracks, by that Killer Cloud, roaring down the street. We returned to our apt. for wet towels to breath through, and after the cloud had passed were able to escape out a rear exit. So began my life as a 9/11 survivor.”

One important thing she did as a survivor wasto provide dust from her apartment to physicist Steven Jones, which he and other scientists used to isolate the telltale signature of nanothermite.

Statement to AA9/11:  I have looked at 9/11 in every possible way. First as eyewitness, survivor and displaced resident. In 2004 I became activist in both San Francisco and New York. I gave samples of dust from my destroyed apartment to Steven Jones for analysis. I currently serve on the Executive Council of New York City Coalition for Accountability Now.

Website:  http://www.theneedtoremember.com/

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Ryan Marsa:  Musician, Song Writer, Music Producer and Sound Engineer.

Ryan Marsa is a guitarist, vocalist and founding member of New Jersey based rock band, A Clever Con.  The band formed in 2006. The current lineup began rehearsing in April 2008, debuted at Philadelphia’s North Star Bar, in August 2008 and began playing regionally, in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York.

A Clever Con plays an eclectic mix of musical styles, performing originals combining elements of metal, punk, pop, reggae, alternative, and progressive rock. Their debut EP The Robot, is the culmination of a few years spent honing their songwriting skills while solidifying their identity as a band. The Robot features, Heroin(e), 60 Amp Disconnect, and the 9/11-themed, Able Danger.

Statement to AA911:  It’s hard for many people to realize that they’re part of the “bad guys”… Once someone can come to grips with how this country really works, only then can one truly understand the real nature behind the events of 9/11 and seek real justice for those lost and accountability for those who were really behind the attacks.

Website:  www.myspace.com/aclevercon

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Abby Martin:  Painter, Photographer.

A native of Pleasanton, California, Abby Martin began painting at the age of nineteen. Shortly thereafter, she began exhibiting her paintings at venues in and around San Diego.  As a photographer Martin has captured an assortment of purely aesthetic and culturally-charged images from her extensive travels.

Martin’s 9/11 activism arose in a uniquely personal way.  As she explained in a 2009 interview, her life changed radically when her high school sweetheart enlisted in the army to fight the “war on terror”.  As he left for boot camp she enrolled in college.  Her studies of the arts, sociology, political science, history and philosophy lead to serious doubts about U.S. foreign policy and disturbing questions regarding the events of September 11.

When the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003 Martin joined the peace movement. She became involved in the 9/11 Truth movement as an organizer with San Diego 911 Truth. She is currently active with the San Francisco 9/11 Local Truth Group.

Martin now lives in Oakland, California and exhibits her paintings and photographs in the Bay Area. She recently founded mediaroots.org, an international grassroots media organization, dedicated to providing a forum for independent journalists, artists and activists to interconnect worldwide.

Statement to AA911:  I am a full supporter of a new, independent investigation into the horrific crimes of 9/11. It is obvious to anyone who looks at the evidence that serious questions with grave implications remain about what happened on that day. I hope that the artistic community can strengthen the call for a new investigation through this petition.

Website:  www.AbbyMartin.org

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Massimo Mazzucco: Filmmaker, screenwriter, journalist.

After a successful career as a fashion photographer, Mazzucco wrote and directed several low-budget feature films, working for production companies in Italy and for Dino de Laurentiis in Los Angeles. Films he has written and directed include Summertime (1982), which won prizes at the Venice and Sydney film festivals; Romance (1986), which won prizes at the Venice, London, and Melbourne film festivals, along with a Golden Globe; Obiettivo indiscreto (Hidden Lens, 1992),  Aaron Gillespie Will Make You a Star  (1995), and L’ombra abitata (Shadow of a Kiss, 1995), starring Michael York.

Since 9/11, Mazzucco has focused on creating 9/11-related documentaries in digital format.  Inganno Globale (Global Deceit – 2005) exposed major flaws in the official 9/11 story. When in 2006 it was broadcast on Berlusconi’s channel on Italian TV,  it sparked a full-fledged national debate, helping to make Italy the only country to date to have thoroughly discussed 9/11 in the mainstream media. Mazzucco participated in several of the ensuing debates on television (Debating 9/11).  He then made further DVDs, including one on WTC 7 entitled Seven is Exploding (2007), which became very well known around the world.

Mazzucco’s most important production is a full-length documentary entitled The New American Century (2009), which provides extensive background on U.S. foreign policy and other historical information relevant to the events of 9/11. It has received the backing of several major filmmakers, including Costa-Gavras, Wim Wenders and Ken Loach.

Statement to AA911:  “Information is something too important to be left in the hands of others. Get your own, decide by yourself, and take back the control of your own future.”

Website:  http://www.luogocomune.net/site/modules/sections/index.php?op=viewarticle&artid=134

Filmography:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0563710/

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Karsten Mathiasen:  Artist, Circus Director, Storyteller.

Statement to AA9/11Truth: “I am a Danish artist, circus director and storyteller.  I hope the movement for truth will grow so enormous that Obama can not neglect it.”

Website: www.tilgivelse.dk

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Jerry Mazza:  Political writer, poet, and associate editor of OnLine Journal.

Mazza’s poems have appeared in Rattle, Atlanta Review, Brooklyn Review, Voices in Italian Americana, Prairie Schooner, Poetry New York, Hudson Valley Literary Review, and online at VoicesInWartime.org.

In 2008, Mazza published State of Shock-Poems from 9/11 on, the first book by an American poet dedicated solely to the events of 9/11In 2010, Mazza wrote the article Reclaiming the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth. Mazza is also a member of Journalists & Other Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth.

Statement to AA911:  “I believe a new investigation of 9/11 is crucial to the future of America and the world, which has been so deeply affected by the fall-out of the event, i.e., the War on Terror, which in turn created the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars and the state of shock in which we live.

“The 9/11 Commission, aptly nick-named the Commission of Omission, was made up exclusively of individuals with close ties to the Bush administration. It was neither objective nor complete in its findings, and excluded more key information than it included.

“Therefore, we as artists must engage ourselves and our work in demanding a new investigation to fully explore what really happened and all those matters that were left out or distorted in order to make 19 Muslims and a seriously ill Osama bin Laden the sole patsies for a crime of such magnitude.

“Art, ultimately, has the dual purpose of both enlightening and doing so in a way that fully engages the viewer’s or reader’s attention and imagination. It has a deep emotional as well as rational appeal so that its points are deeply internalized and understood. Also, it helps the artist to fully engage himself in the key issues of the day. This is not the time for any artist to stand on the sidelines of history. It is the time to enter the drama of it and play an active role in determining a just outcome.

“Therefore I urge all of my creative brothers and sisters to lend us your talents and join with us in what could be the greatest revelation of this millennium, the real truth about 9/11 – the truth about its planners, participants, and cold-hearted, cynical leaders who still walk among us today, an abomination to the victims. Let us act as one cast to undo the evil that was perpetrated on 9/11 and that continues in its effects.”

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Steve “Dutch” Merrick:  Film maker, art director, and prop master.

Dutch Merrick’s film credits include Deterrence with Timothy Hutton, and Pearl Harbor with Ben Affleck, Cuba Gooding Jr., Alec Baldwin, and Jon Voight. His television credits include: CSI: NY, Cold Case, Dirt, and American Gladiators.

Merrick has also worked as the art director or prop master for over 200 television commercials for various directors, including Michael Mann, John Frankenheimer, and Joe Pytka.

In 2006, Merrick wrote, directed, and produced a sixty second PSA entitled One Minute on the subject of gasoline and oil. For Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential campaign, Merrick wrote, directed, and produced the Kucinich Campaign Update, the 17 weekly episodes of which drew over 300,000 YouTube viewers.

A longtime volunteer with Global Voices for Justice, which is dedicated to documenting and disseminating the Peace and Justice Movement, Merrick has also been a board member of theFilm and Television Action Committee, which represents the interests of Los Angeles film workers fighting unfair film trade practices.

Statement to AA911Truth:  “I know many aviation professionals that all ask the same questions about 9/11: Why was there no fighter interception of any of the 4 hijacked airliners? Why wasn’t the NTSB handling the investigations of the 4 aircraft? Where is the physical debris from the Pentagon and Shanksville flights? Where are the reconstructed airframes as seen in every other airline disaster? I’d very much like to know the answers to these questions and why nobody has been punished or fired for the many lapses in national security on that fateful day.”

Filmography:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0581233/

Bio:  http://pacificafoundation.org/cand_page.php?id=119

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Ramsay Midwood:  Actor, Musician.

Born in Woodstock, New York, Ramsay Midwood was raised in Arlington, Virginia. His father played tuba, and his mother volunteered at the Smithstonian Institute.  While essentially a self-taught guitarist, he received encouragement from his parents to pursue his natural interests in folk, bluegrass, and blues.

In the 80’s, Midwood moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he pursued acting. He worked with the Steppenwolf Theater Company, playing Al Joad and Floyd Knowles in a production of The Grapes of Wrath. Eventually, he migrated west to pursue his passions for both acting and music in Los Angeles, California.

In the 90’s, Midwood honed his performing and songwriting skills, playing gigs in coffeehouses, while earning paychecks landing acting roles in both television and film. His credits include the popular TV programs, Hunter (1990), Matlock (1992), Chicago Hope (1996-’97), and Sunset Beach (1997).

Midwood’s feature films include: Good Luck (1996), with Gregory Hines, Vincent D’Onofrio, James Earl Jones, and Max Gail.  Midwood played Bill the Gas Station Guy in, Homegrown (1998), featuring, John Lithgow, Billy Bob Thornton, Ryan Phillippe, Judge Reinhold, Kelly Lynch, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

In 2000, an obscure German indie label released Midwood’s first CD, to critical acclaim. Shoot Out at the OK Chinese Restaurant, included the songs, Monster Truck, Mohawk River, and Spinnin’ on This Rock.  Rereleased by Vanguard, in 2002, Midwood’s quirky streetwise tunes found a wider audience. His song, Waynesboro, was included in the soundtrack of, Igby Goes Down (2002).

In 2006, Midwood released a second CD, Popular Delusons and the Madness of Cows, featuring: When God Dips His Pen, Prozac, Planet Nixon, Withered Rose and Jesus is #1. Dustin Ogdin describes Midwood’s music as: “Gospel music for inspired barflies… Take a healthy dose of John Prine, a dollop of Bringing It All Back Home electric Dylan, a pinch of early Tom Waits, a sprinkle of Charlie Poole, and a splash of Lightnin’ Hopkins.”

Since 2002, Midwood performs primarily in and around his home base in Austin, Texas. “No major touring,” he said. “…just weekend runs….got a couple of kids who are in elementary school, so that takes up a lot of my time…in a good way.”  He played an opening set at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, in 2010, where he had the honor of sharing a stage with Woody’s son, Arlo Guthrie. Midwood’s latest CD, Larry Buys a Lighter (2011), includes the song, Loopers.

Statement to AA911:  The truth will set us free….and I think we can handle the truth. Lets get to the bottom of this thing and move on.

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Daniel Moore:  Songwriter, singer, instrumentalist, record producer.

As a songwriter, Daniel Moore has had two multi-platinum songs: Shambala, as recorded by Three Dog Night (1973), and “My Maria,” co-written with B. W. Stevenson, which became a hit twice – once when it was recorded by Stevenson in 1973 and again in 1996 as a recording by Brooks and Dunn, which produced a CMA & BMI nomination for best song of that year.

Moore has had many other songs recorded by well-known artists, including the The Everly Brothers (“Deliver Me,” 1967); Bonnie Raitt (Sweet Forgiveness, the title song of her 1976 Gold Album); David Clayton-Thomas (Somebody I Trusted [Put Out the Light] 1977); The Band (“Shine A Light,” 1998); and Joe Cocker (Just Pass It On, 2007, and eight others). Moore also co-wrote “Fire In The Hole,” which was released in the Steven Seagal movie Fire Down Below (1997).

Having begun primarily as a singer and guitarist, Moore has performed with the Fairmont Singers, Jimmy Rogers, the Ledbetters, Mad Dogs and Englishmen  (being part of the 1970 tour immortalized in a live album and film), Jimmy Rabbitt and Renegade, and The Moore Brothers Band.

He has released many albums of his own songs, including “Daniel Moore” (1970), Riding A Horse & Holding up the World (1998), Yosemite Wonderland (1998), Martin & Daniel (2007), The Giveaway (2007), Limited Parking (2008), The Wolf and The Chicken (2009), and Maintain (2009).

Moore has also produced dozens of albums by other artists, including Kim Carnes, T-Bone Burnett, and Delbert McClinton & Glen Clark. Since 1997, he has had his own record label, DJM Records.

Statement to AA911:  “There is a stench of Government complicity, at many levels, in the official 9/11 reports.” 

Website:  http://djmrec.com/djm/index.html

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Garret Moore:  Visual production, illustration, video, 3D animation, graphic design.

A California artist, Garret Moore began by painting on canvas, but has moved to electronic painting. His paintings and computer-generated graphic images combine elements of fantasy, hyper-realism, and surrealism (Art of Vision: the Visionary Surrealism of Garret Moore).

His cover art for the book-and-audio CD project Sacred Sonic Tools, by New Age musician Iasos, won New Age Retailer magazine’s 1999 award for Best Album Cover of the Year.

Statement to AA911: “Looking and listening to the evidence, on both sides, makes clear the great crimes we must discover and lay bare. I am one among many who do not believe the culprits are the men named by our government. We demand to know why we are being lied to and why so much evidence has been obscured or destroyed.”

Website: http://home.comcast.net/~garret1/page.html

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Rick Moors:  Musician.

Rick Moors began his professional music career playing guitar in Kansas City, Missouri at age 16. In his 20’s, Moors discovered his passion for playing bass.

As a professional bass player, Rick has toured extensively with Motown and soul legends Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Ike Turner, Mary Wells, Oleta Adams, and Charles Brown. In the ’80s he signed with Warner Brother’s Combonation and recorded several albums for producer Ted Templeman.

Rick has performed with The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger, English Beat founder Dave Wakeling, and musical icons Frankie Laine and Sonny Bono. His credits include performances with session artists James Gadson, Dean Parks, Alex Acuna, Tiki Pasillas, Luis Conte, Bill Lynch, Juke Logan and Mike Finnigan.

Moors moved to Los Angeles in 1977, where he has performed with various bands, including Unkle Monkey, Bill Lynch and the Midwestern Icons, Alfred Johnson, Quetzalcoatl, Urban Dread, and Conjunto Jardin, which was selected as the Best Latin/Salsa Artist in the 2003 L.A. Weekly Music Awards. He is the longtime bassist for Legendary L.A. “Worldbeatniks” The Bonedaddys.

Statement to AA911: It was obvious from day one this was a false flag operation. It’s great to find some like-minded artists who feel the same.

Website: http://www.myspace.com/rickmoorsmusic

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Steve Morell:  Musician, Re-mixer, DJ, Producer.

Steve Morell began his music career in 1984 as a DJ in Berlin and London.  In 1999, he founded the record label Pale Music International. He moved the label to Berlin in 2000/2001.  Frustrated with the fragmented state of music and the stale underground scene, Morell realized, “It was finally time for something new.”

In 2003, Morrel conceived of a compilation mix featuring wildly diverse musical styles.  Ignoring naysayers who felt such an odd blend of genres wouldn’t work, Morell followed his gut instincts and staged a CD release event, Berlin Insane. The legendary genre-bending festival succeeded in exposing underground artists to a wider audience. Morell, discussed Berlin Insane in a video interview.

In 2004, Morell and Emma Eclectic formed the DJ remix duo, “The Scandals”.  Together, they toured several countries crafted remixes and collaborated with a wide range of artists, including: James Murphy, DJ Hell, T Raumschmiere, Fetish, Adam Sky, Marc Almond, Arthur Baker, Nina Hagen, Boy George, Lola Angst, Beroshima, The Nihilists, Atomizer, Junesex, Trafalgar, and Miss Yetti.  The Scandals released a remix album, Cutouts, Patchworks & Rippoffs.

As an international DJ, Morell plays Clubs, and festivals all over the world. He produces remixes of artists including:  Mona Mur & En Esch, Gods of Blitz, The Vanishing, Diamanda Galas, Martha & The Muffins, ShedThe Stylists, Narcotic Fields, The Antiquark, The Prostitutes & Warren Suicide.

Most recently, Morell has collaborated with a diverse cast of international musicians, including:  Sebastian Lee Phillip, N.U. Unruh, Monica Pokorná, Martin Craft, Luis Miguelez, Andi Sexgang and Hank J. Manchini.  Morel’s latest creative project is an avant garde recording called, The Life and Death of Jimmy Pheres and his Rise from the Underworld.  The album features the single Loneliness.

Website:  www.pale-music.com/

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Annie Moses:  Photographer, designer.

Raised on a farm in Ireland, Annie Moses moved to Chicago, Illinois as a teenager, before ultimately migrating to Los Angeles. Elements of these various environments strongly influence her work. Simple images of nature and modern architectural elements are prominent in her photographs.

Moses began her diverse professional career shooting portraits. She has photographed infants for a major hospital and served as an architectural photographer. In December, 2010 she was selected as the red carpet photographer for the Artivist Film Festival. Her photography and design work were recently featured in: RLC Designs Creative Spotlight

Statement to AA911:  I have no preconceived notions about who did it, or what exactly happened … all I want are answers. Answers to the questions posed above. Everything can be broken down to the truth. Everything. My question is: When can I hear the black box recordings of all 4 planes? I think that will tell us quite a bit. Do they exist? Has anyone ever heard them?

Website:  www.anniemoses.com

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Sunplaza Nakano Kun:  Rock vocalist.

Sunplaza Nakano Kun was born in Kofu, but raised in Chiba, Japan. He studied at Waseda University, where he developed a passion for music.

In 1980, Nakano joined the band Super Slump as lead vocalist. He formed the band Bakufu-Slump in 1982. The band debuted with SONY records in 1984.

Bakufu-Slump were featured in numerous videos and television shows in the 80s. Their hits included: RunnerThe Tsurai, Eraikocha, The Blue Bus Blues, Uwasa ni Naritai, Taiyaki Yaita, Kuruzaiki Pierrot, and Murida! Ketteiban.

Nakano has long doubted the official story of 9/11 and remained active on behalf of 911 Truth in Japan.  He served as official MC at the 3rd 911 Truth International Conference in Tokyo with Richard Gage (AE911Truth).

Statement to AA911:  The diversity of opinions has to be alive. We have heard enough of A side and A’s opinion is widespread.  I now want to listen to what B side is saying.

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Graham Nash:  Singer, songwriter, photographer, activist.

Born in Blackpool, England in 1942, Graham Nash’s earliest childhood memories are of World War II. Nash attended Ordsall Board School. Displaying musical gifts at a young age, Nash teamed with schoolmate Allan Clark.  At age fourteen, the duo began performing in the Manchester area. Early musical influences included: Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and the Everly Brothers.

In December of 1962, Nash and Clarke formed The Hollies. Named in honor of Buddy Holly, the band recorded several albums including: Stay with the Hollies, In The Hollies StyleHollies,  Would You Believe?For Certain BecauseEvolution,  ButterflyConfessions of the MindDistant LightRomanyHolliesAnother NightWrite OnRussian RouletteA Crazy Stealand What Goes Around.

Increasingly eager to expand musically and explore the 60’s revolution, Nash left the Hollies in1968, to form Crosby, Stills, & Nash. In 1969, Neil Young joined the band. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young débuted at the Woodstock Festival. As both CSN and CSNY the talented collaboration of singer/songwriters recorded several albums including: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Déjà Vu, CSN, Daylight Again, American Dream, Live It Up, After the Storm, Looking Forward, 4 Way Street, So Far, Replay, Allies, CSN (box set), Carry On, Greatest Hits, Déjà Vu Live,  Demos.

Their impressive repertoire of poignant ballads and socio-political themed tunes, featured stellar guitar playing and taut harmonies. Hit singles included: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Marrakesh Express, Guinnevere, Wooden Ships, Woodstock, Teach Your Children, Our House, Ohio, Just a Song Before I Go, and Southern Cross.

In collaboration with David Crosby, Nash recorded several albums and CDs, including: Graham Nash David Crosby, Wind on the Water, Whistling Down the Wire, and Another Stoney Evening.  The duo contributed background vocals on albums by Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Dave Mason, J.D. Souther, Elton John, Art Garfunkel, Gary Wright, and Carole King. In 2005, Crosby and Nash worked with David Gilmour on the title track of Gilmour’s solo album, On an Island, which reached #1 on the UK charts.

As a solo artist, Nash recorded and released 6 albums, including: Songs for Beginners, which rose to #15 on the U.S. charts, Wild Tales, Earth & Sky, Innocent Eyes, Songs for Survivors, and Reflections.  In 1997, he was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and again in 2010, he was inducted into The Hall as a member of The Hollies.

Nash is an accomplished photographer and collector. He began collecting in the 70s. He has since made sizable donations to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Getty Museum. With the proceeds earned from auctioning his vast collection at Sotheby’s, he established Nash Editions, a digital fine art press. In addition to printing Nash’s own work, the press serves such noted artists as David Hockney, Francesco Clemente and Jamie Wyeth.

Nash’s political activism initially surfaced in the 70’s with such songs as Military Madness and Chicago (We Can Change the World).  Nash became a citizen of the United States in1978. In 1979 Nash co-founded Musicians United for Safe Energy.  Nash works with No Nukes group against the expansion of nuclear power. In 2006, Nash collaborated with Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Keb’ Mo’ and Ben Harper to record a special rendition of For What It’s Worth for NukeFree.org.  Nash was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2010 Birthday Honours for services to music and to charity.

With regard to 9/11, in 2006 Graham Nash leant his name, along with Ed Asner to a letter which accompanied copies of the DVD, 911Mysteries that was sent out to every member of congress, every state governor and attorney general, courtesy of 911truthLA.

Websites:  <www.grahamnash.com/>   <www.bgarnett.co.uk/GrahamNash/>

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Willie Nelson:  Singer, songwriter, guitarist, recording artist, poet, producer, actor, activist.

Having started writing songs when he was seven and performing when he was nine, Willie Nelson began his songwriting career in 1960 with “Family Bible” and, after moving to Nashville, “Nightlife” – which may be the most recorded country song of all time. He then wrote songs for many of the top singers – including Crazy for Patsy Cline (1961), which Rolling Stone ranks as the 85th greatest hit of all time – and also released singles of his own, including “Willingly” and “Touch Me.”

After a stint with the Grand Ole Opry in the late 1960s, Nelson moved in the early ‘70s to Austin, where, besides becoming popular, he started putting out albums, including Shotgun Willie (1973), Phases and Stages (1974) – which included the hit single “Bloody Mary Morning” – and the multi-platinum Red Headed Stranger (1975), which has been ranked as the # 1 country music album of all time. In 1976, he and Waylon Jennings – who together had created the genre known as “outlaw country” (because it did not conform to Nashville standards) – released Wanted! The Outlaws, which achieved multi-platinum status. After several more hit songs, including “Good Hearted Woman” (with Jennings) and “If You’ve Got the Money I’ve Got the Time,” he in 1978 put out another album with Jennings, Waylon & Willie, and, surprisingly, an album of pop standards, Stardust – both of which went platinum. Following albums included Pancho & Lefty (1982, with Merle Haggard) and two more with Jennings: WWII (1982) and Take it to the Limit (1983).

In 1985, Nelson teamed up with Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson to form a supergroup, which came to be called The Highwaymen, the title of the  most successful of its three albums.

In 1990, following a serious back-taxes problem, he released The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories? Later albums include Across the Borderline (1993, with David Crosby, Bob Dylan, Sinéad O’Connor,  Bonnie Raitt, Kris Kristofferson, and Paul Simon); Healing Hands of Time (1994); Teatro (1998, with supporting vocals by Emmylou Harris); Night and Day (1999); Tales Out of Luck (Me and the Drummer) (2000); Milk Cow Blues (2000); Outlaws & Angels (2004); Countryman (2005); Moment of Forever (2008); Willie and the Wheel  (2009), with the band Asleep at the Wheel); and Naked Willie (2009).

In 1979, Nelson began making movies, beginning with the third Robert Redford-Jane Fonda film, The Electric Horseman, in which he had a starring role and sang five songs – including “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys,” which the Waylon & Willie album had made famous. Nelson then had the starring role in Honeysuckle Rose (1980) – for which his On the Road Again received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song – followed by a major role in the 1981 Michael Mann film, Thief, the title role in Barbarosa (1982), and the starring role in Songwriter (1984). In 1986, he had the lead role in  Red Headed Stranger and also teamed up with Jennings, Kristofferson, and Cash in a remade-for-TV of the 1939 John Wayne film, Stagecoach. Nelson’s later films have included Wag the Dog, in which he played Johnny Dean (1997), Swing Vote, in which he played himself (2008), and Shoot Out of Luck (2009), based on a story written by himself.

With regard to 9/11, spoke out during a 2008 interview on the Alex Jones Show:

Alex Jones:  What’s your take on 9/11?  Do you question the official story?

Willie Nelson: I certainly do. And I saw those towers fall and I’ve seen an implosion in Las Vegas. There’s too much similarities between the two.  And I saw the building fall [Building 7] that didn’t get hit by nothing.  So, how naive are we?  What do they think we’ll go for?

Nelson’s willingness to speak out on this issue reflects a moral concern manifested in several previous endeavors: An advocate of a family farm-centered agricultural system, he in 1985 organized, along with John Mellencamp and Neil Young, the first of the annual Farm Aid concerts to aid family farms. Long an advocate of marijuana legalization, he is co-chair of the advisory board for NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). A supporter of bio-fuels, he in 2005 formed a company called Willie Nelson Biodiesel. He also headlined a concert in Austin that year to raise money for victims of the 2004 tsunami-causing earthquake in the Indian Ocean. In 2006, Nelson promoted the acceptance of homosexuality by releasing a song called “Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other.” In 2007, he founded the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute.

During his musical career, Nelson has written over 2,500 songs and released close to 300 albums. He has won 10 Grammy awards, 8 CMA (Country Music Assn.) awards, 7 American Music awards, and 5 ACM (Academy of Country Music) awards. In 1993, he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame; in 1998, he received Kennedy Center Honors; in 2003, he was ranked # 4 in the CMT (Country Music Television) show featuring “The 40 Greatest Men of Country Music.”

Bio:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willie_Nelson

Website:  http://www.willienelson.com/

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Martin Noakes:  Composer, producer, singer & keyboard player.

Martin Noakes played keyboards and sang with the British band Red Box on its 1985 debut album, The Circle & The Square. The mainstream hit singles Lean On Me and For America made the Top 20 pop charts in the U.K. & Europe.

In 1988/89 Pete Waterman managed and published a song co-written by Noakes entitled Shake – Gene & Jim, which became a big hit in Ibiza.

Simon Cowell (X-Factor) placed a song co-written by Noakes with ‘Yell’ – Nothing Comes for Nothing.

Noakes wrote and recorded a song that was used during the edits of the excellent ‘9/11 Ripple Effect’ documentary. This music video has it’s own website. www.911building7.co.uk

Noakes has worked in collaboration with SO OUT THERE to produce 9/11-themed musical videos that have become underground hits, including 9/11 Building 7, The Free Bees – 911’s a Lie.

Noakes has also composed & performed music & vocals for many commercials.

Statement to AA911:  “9/11 was blatantly NOT what we’ve been sold, and is crucial in understanding the bigger picture of what’s going on in our world today!”

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Peter Nunn:  Musician.

Canadian musician Peter Nunn has played keyboards with numerous bands.  Nunn has performed with Honeymoon Suite, The Jitters, The Mamas and The Papas, Alannah Myles, Gowan, The Kings (This Beat Goes On / Switchin’ to Glide), Farmer’s Daughter, Rita Chiarelli, Jim Witter, Guitar Mikey and The Real Thing, and with Wild T and The Spirit.

Nunn’s recording credits include, The Jitters, Louder Than Words (1990), Brighton Rock, Love Machine (1991), The Waltons, Lik My Trakter (1994), Kim Stockwood, Bonavista (1996), Honeymoon Suite, Lemon Tongue (2002), and the Neil Young tribute compilation CD Borrowed Tunes (2007).

Website:  www.artistdirect.com/artist/peter-nunn/2742241

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Rosie O’Donnell:  Actress, comedian, television producer, and television talk show host.

Having spent 15 years touring as a stand-up comedian, Rosie O’Donnell then had roles in two sitcoms before finding success in several films, including A League of Their Own (1992), Sleepless in Seattle (1993), Exit to Eden (1994),  The Flintstones (1994), and Harriet the Spy (1996) – the final two of which earned her the Kids’ Choice Award for “Favorite Movie Actress.”

She then moved to the role for which she has achieved the most fame and critical acclaim, that of a talk-show host. From 1996 to 2002, she hosted The Rosie O’Donnell Show, for which she won 6 Emmy Awards and became known as “the queen of nice.”

In 2007, O’Donnell became one of the cohosts of The View. Using this daytime talk show to discuss controversial topics, she in March led a 9-minute discussion about 9/11, which included the following exchange between her and the show’s conservative co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck:

O’Donnell:  “In America we are fed propaganda and if you want to know what’s happening in the world go outside of the U.S. media because it’s owned by four corporations, one of them is this one (ABC).Go outside of the country to find out what’s going on in our own country because it’s frightening. I think Democracy is threatened in a way it hasn’t been in 200 years and if America doesn’t stand up we’re in big trouble.”

Hasselbeck:  “Do you believe that the government had anything to do with the attack of 9/11?  Do you believe in a conspiracy in terms of the attack of 9/11?”

O’Donnell: “No, but I do believe that in the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel. I do believe that it defies physics for the World Trade Center Tower 7, Building 7, which collapsed in on itself; it is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved — World Trade Center 7.  World Trade 1 and 2 got hit by planes.  7, miraculously, the first time in history, steel was melted by fire.  It is physically impossible.“

Hasselbeck:  “And who do you think is responsible for that?”

O’Donnell:  “I have no idea. But to say that we don’t know; that it imploded, and it was an implosion and a demolition, is beyond ignorance.  Look at the films.  Get a physics expert here from Yale from Harvard.  Pick the school.  It defies reason.” (See Video of Rosie’s 9/11 comments on The View – 3/29/07)

On May 17, O’Donnell again brought up WTC 7, pointing out that fire could not possibly explain the collapse of WTC 7 or the molten steel found in its rubble. This discussion ended with a decision to bring some experts onto the show to discuss the issue (See Video of Rosie’s 9/11 comments on The View 5/17/07).

Arrangements were then made behind the scenes for O’Donnell to interview  David Ray Griffin and for Hasselbeck to interview James Meigs, the editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics.  But on May 23, O’Donnell and Hasselbeck had an on-air fight, after which O’Donnell, who was scheduled to leave the show in 3 weeks, announced that she was leaving immediately.

In November 2009, O’Donnell began hosting Rosie Radio, and one of her first guests was William Rodriguez, the WTC janitor who reported that, before the North Tower was hit by the plane, there was a massive explosion in its basement.

In an endorsement of David Ray Griffin’s 2009 book on World Trade Center 7, she wrote: “David Ray Griffin has written a powerful book that asks disturbing questions and seeks to debunk myths about September 11. It is provocative, well-researched, and beyond convincing.”

Bio:  http://imdb.com/name/nm0005280/

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Murray Orrick:  Musician, Vocalist, Music Producer.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Murray Orrick began playing music at the age of 5.  Orrick plays electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica, mandolin, bass guitar, keyboards and percussion.  He studied voice with Bobby McFerrin.

A versatile performer, Orrick has worked with David Grissman, Boz Skaggs, and Eddie Money.  He has shared stages with Tower of Power, Joan Baez, Clarence Clemmons, George Benson, Patti LaBelle, David Sanborn and others.

Orrick sings in the award-winning a cappella quartet “About Face”.  The band has performed the National Anthem for the San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Forty-Niners.

Orrick’s voiceover talents have been utilized on numerous television and radio commercial.  His harmonica playing was featured on Lyle Workman‘s tune Lionhearted, from the Purple Passages CD.

Orrick owns and operates Jazzbeaux Studio.  He also produces records at  Catsville Recording.  Orrick recently cofounded the children’s environmental awareness company Let’s Go Green.

Statement to AA911:  A simple look at the facts should be sufficient.

Website:  www.globerecords.com/orrick/index.shtml

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Moni Ovadia:  Singer, actor, musician, writer.

Ovadia was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 1946 to a Jewish family who moved to Milan, Italy, in Ovadia’s early childhood.  He graduated from the University of Milan with a degree in political science.  In 1972, he founded the Gruppo Folk Internazionale, which played folk music from the Balkans.  He made his theatrical debut under Roberto Leydi, as a singer and musician in the band Almanacco Popolare (People’s Almanac).

In 1990, Ovadia produced Oylem Goylem (Yiddish for “The world is dumb”), which successfully toured Italy, France, Germany, and the USA. In 2005, theshow was broadcast by RAI, Italian state TV. In 1993, Ovadia played a role in the award-winning film Caro Diario (Dear Diary). In 2002, he played the lead role in the critically acclaimed Italian version of Fiddler on the Roof.  In 2005, he collaborated with the Modena City Ramblers on their album dedicated to the 60th anniversary of liberation from Nazi occupation, Clipboard Partisans, giving his voice to the song Over the Bridge.  From 2003 to 2008, Ovadia served as artistic director of Mittelfest of Cividale del Friuli. In 2008 and 2009, he toured with the show The Beautiful Utopia.

In 2007, Ovadia received an award from the University of Pavia. In his acceptance speech, he denounced Italy’s treatment of immigrants.

Ovadia was one of the narrators for the documentary film, Zero: An Investigation into 9/11.

Bio:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moni_Ovadia

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Peter Paul Parker:  Musician.

Born and raised in England in Kingston upon Thames, Peter Paul Parker began playing acoustic guitar with his brothers. Discovering a passion for bass, hestudied bass guitar and musical theory. His first break was playing bass with the original members of Thin Lizzy at a Phil Lynnot tribute gig.

While touring the UK and Europe with various bands, he began writing songs. Together with American “quantum activist” Ted Golder, Peter formed a band called The Spoken X.  The two collaborated on the spoken word album Wild Child. In 2008, Peter put out his first solo album, Stepping Up.

Statement to AA911:  “I believe there are too many unanswered questions on the 9/11 attacks. Too much of our world has changed as a direct result of that day and I would like to know what really happened and why so much has been covered up. I want to live in a peaceful world, but this event seems to have set the road of humanity into total government control of all aspects of our lives. This has to be addressed.”

Website:  http://www.peterpaulparker.co.uk/

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Don Paul:  Author, Producer, Musician.

In 1971, at age twenty, Don Paul became the youngest winner of a Stegner Fellowship, in Creative Writing, at Stanford University.  For over four decades, his versatile career has included notable achievements as a poet, novelist, musician, researcher, a world-class distance runner, and a social activist.

A long-time fixture in the San Francisco Bay Area, since January 2006, Paul has lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he founded Rebuild Green, and works with Common Ground Relief, and Restore Wesley United. devoting much of his time and energy to The Real Regeneration of New Orleans.

As both a producer and musician, Paul has collaborated on numerous projects with various recording artists, including: India Cooke, Lisle Ellis, Ben Goldberg, Miya Masaoka, Paul Plimley, Glenn Spearman, Ustad Salamat, Shafqat Ali Khan, Amiri Baraka, Babatunde Lea, Dhyani Dharma, Pablo Garcia, Henry Kaiser, Evan Parker, Sunni Patterson, Chuck Prophet, and others.

As an author, Paul has written novels, poetry, and investigative works. Lawrence Ferlinghetti wrote, Paul’s novel, Good Intentions, “Proposes and explores the only kind of revolution that seems possible in North America.”  He has written extensively, on international sociopolitical issues, while providing concrete solutions and alternatives to address injustices of our times. Significantly, Paul was among the first to seriously examine the crimes of September 11.

In the article, Truth Is the Way to Peace, published, on September 19, 2001, Paul wrote: “I think the best protection we have now, the best antidote we have to vengeful hysteria among a sadly under-informed public, is to consider and investigate as fully as we can the possibility that at least one part of the U.S. Government at least allowed the attacks of September 11.” In 2001, Paul wrote 7 insightful articles on 9/11, which were printed in the, San Francisco Bay View.

Paul’s book, 9/11: Facing Our Fascist State was published in September 2002. In 2003, he began to collaborate with Jim Hoffman. Their book, Waking Up from Our Nightmare: The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City, came out in 2004. In 2005, Paul published, To Prevent the Next  9/11. In 2006, Paul, Jim Hoffman and Celestine Star co-produced the DVD, 9/11 Guilt: The Proof Is in Your Hands.

In 2007, Paul served as Chief Prosecutor for the San Diego Citizens’ Grand Jury on the Crimes of September 11, 2001.  In 2009, he published a compilation of his writings and interviews that bear on the 21st-century ‘War on Terror‘, The World Is Turning: 9/11, the Movement for Justice, and Reclaiming America for the WorldWhy Resistance is Essential, is a popular video based on Paul’s 2009 essay, Becoming Our Government, Making the Future Our Own. In 2010, Paul provided a multi-media Introduction to Kevin Ryan’s four-part study of ‘Demolition Access to the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers.

Paul’s work on 9/11 has been praised by, Ed Asner, Dr. Kevin Danaher, Barrie Zwicker, Kevin Ryan, and others. Ellen Brown (best-selling author of, The Web of Debt), writes: “What really happened on September 11, 2001 remains one of the burning issues of our day. Don Paul is to be commended for keeping this issue alive and for linking it to the financial 9-11 going on right now. A man of diverse talents (novelist, poet, musician, environmentalist), Paul is also focused on presenting practical solutions for a sustainable future.”

Statement to AA911:  “Only one force on Earth can directly confront and defeat the U.S. Corporate State and its criminal Government. That force is us, the overwhelming majority of the people in this country. Despite the horrors of 9/11, the overwhelming majority in New York City are with that same majority around the world, I think, in opposing any American Empire.”

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Michelle Phillips:  Recording artist and actress.

Michelle Phillips first became famous as a singer in the 1960s as a member of the legendary pop group The Mamas and the Papas, for which she also co-wrote songs, including California Dreamin’, the group’s most famous song (along with Monday, Monday, for which it won a Grammy Award). In the 1970s, after the group had broken up, she continued singing and recording.

She also started acting, making her film debut by starring in Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie (1971).  She received a Golden Globe nomination in 1973 for her role in Dillinger. She became best known as an actress through her starring role in the TV series Knots Landing (1987 – 1993). The Soap Opera Digest Awards named her Outstanding Villainess in 1991 and nominated her for Outstanding Actress in1992.

In 1986, she published a well-received autobiography, California Dreamin’: The True Story of the Mamas and the Papas . In 2000, she and the other members of that group were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

With regard to 9/11, she expressed her doubts about the official story during an interview on The Paul Berenson Show (3/24/07 30 minutes into hour two), which contained the following exchange:

Michelle Phillips:  I have so many questions now that I have actually seen and know details about 9/11 that just don’t add up at all to the Commission report.

Paul Berenson: There’s actually not much that adds up.

Michelle Phillips: None of it adds up. … There’s going to be a very interesting book that comes out. … [by] David Ray Griffin It’s called [The 9/11 Commission Report:] Omissions and Distortions.  It might already be out.  It might be something that I think everyone ought to sit down and read. . . .  The DVD that I have just seen, called Connecting The Dots, shows a close up of video taken of the [WTC] buildings coming down.  And you actually see the explosions 20 to 30 stories below the demolition wave as the buildings are coming down.  You see these puffs of smoke blowing out the floors below them.  And that’s never addressed, never talked about at all. … And you know that a steel-framed building has never, ever collapsed before or since because of fire. You know I think that what’s really difficult is for American people to wrap their minds around the fact it is possible that our government had something to do with this attack.”

Bio:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelle_Phillips

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Craig Pruess:  Composer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator, sound engineer, songwriter, singer.

Craig Pruess is a highly versatile American musician and gold & platinum record producer, who has lived and worked in Great Britain since 1973.  He has produced and arranged for Cliff Richard, Anu Malik, Sarah Brightman, and Grammy-nominated Sheila Walsh.

Pruess has composed several feature-film music and soundtracks, including Bride & Prejudice, Bend It Like Beckham, Bhaji on the Beach, and What’s Cooking? In 2000, Craig contributed keyboards and sounds for composer John Altman for the US television film RKO 281 – the Making of Citizen Kane, which in 2000 won the Emmy Award for best music soundtrack and received 12 other Emmy nominations.

Pruess has produced, arranged, and performed on recordings by Massive Attack, Def Leppard, and Bond, among others. Besides providing musical  arrangements for Danny Elfman, Patrick Doyle, Rachel Portman, George Fenton  and many well-known composers, Pruess composed music for the most successful independent television drama series in British history, Peak Practice.

Pruess also lectures, teaches, and performs with his ensemble, At-Ma.

Statement to AA911: “Never has such an important issue in history been so choked by clever media control, government deceit and subtle mind games (COINTELPRO) as the events surrounding 9/11. For the sake of the future of our democracy in America, this matter needs to be fully exposed. It must be done for a better world for our children.”

Bio: http://www.heaven-on-earth-music.co.uk/hoemwebsite/cpcv.html

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